We’ve listed quite a lot of Advanced Instruments with the Free Green Website Hosting Online Control Panel. These tools will assist you to do easy tasks like guarding a folder with a pass word and also way more complex ones such as, as an example, altering the PHP build of your web hosting account. Though the duties they are doing are not the same, all the Advanced Instruments have a single similarity. They are genuinely easy to use and demand virtually no distinctive capabilities from you.

Hotlink Protection

Shield yourself against traffic theft

In the Free Green Website Hosting Online Control Panel, you will be able to immediately secure all of the graphics within your web sites from being used elsewhere without having your approval. And you’re able to make that happen with only a few clicks of your computer mouse using the Hotlink Protection tool.

Everything you need to make is actually choose the domain you need to shield and then trigger the Hotlink Protection. Changes will take effect instantly and your pics are going to be protected against illegal use and traffic theft.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto creation of .htaccess files

With the help of the .htaccess file, you can quickly manage your site set up redirections, set up username and password shielded directories, etcetera. Within the Free Green Website Hosting Online Control Panel, it’s easy to generate completely new .htaccess files working with the impressive .htaccess Generator.

You do not have to know a single thing about .htaccess files in order to use Free Green Website Hosting’s .htaccess Generator. Just identify the adjustments you have to generate with the tool’s intuitive point and click user interface and our the will effortlessly produce the needed code for you.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malevolent IPs from accessing your website

In the Free Green Website Hosting Online Control Panel we’ve incorporated a really handy tool that enables you to reduce the ability to access your web sites by blocking several IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, you can easily put a stop to an IP address or maybe a an entire range of IPs from opening your web site. To determine what IP addresses generate the ’undesirable’ site traffic to your website, you should check out the Stats Manager.

All IP addresses are hindered instantly and no one will have a way to see or access your website from them any longer.

IP Blocking